1.2. To attention of the owner

Before operation of the car attentively read the instruction and strictly follow all recommendations. The asterisk (*) in this instruction noted that equipment which is not included in the basic package and can be absent on your car. This equipment is installed by the special order or it is provided only for the separate options of a complete set of the cars, for example, equipped by more powerful engine or delivered to some countries. It must be kept in mind that the spare parts and accessories made by other firms and which do not have the Daewoo brand did not pass the put tests and officially are not approved by the Daewoo company for application on cars. Despite constant attention to the market of automobile spare parts and accessories, technical services of the Daewoo company cannot certify suitability and safety of all various production delivered by many producers. The Daewoo company does not bear responsibility for any damages of the car caused by use of the spare parts and accessories which do not have the Daewoo brand.