1.11. Care of the car

Means for leaving
Processing salon or the external surface of the car, do not apply such easily evaporating solvents as acetone, thinners of a varnish and enamels, liquid to removal of a varnish from nails or detergents like laundry soap, and also stain removers and bleaches. The exception is made by cases when in recommendations about cleaning of a fabric upholstery there are special instructions on application of similar means. Use of tetrachloride of carbon, gasoline, benzene or kerosene for processing of an upholstery of salon or a paint and varnish covering of a body in order to avoid poisoning with couples cleaning and detergents is forbidden. During the work in salon open all doors of the car for the best ventilation. Long steam inhalation of some toxic substances is harmful to your health. Danger increases during the work in the closed and badly aired rooms.
Avoid contact of the damp materials painted by unstable dyes with a light upholstery of seats. It can lead to local changes of color of an upholstery and deterioration in its esthetic properties. It is also not necessary to put on sitting damp clothes from rough cotton fabric, ribbed cotton velvet and velveteen, skin and suede. Also color decorative paper, etc. can spoil color of an upholstery.

Care of an upholstery of salon
For finishing of interior of your car the modern obivochny materials demanding application for care of them of the corresponding cleaners and the correct methods of processing are used. Otherwise at non-compliance with the recommendations given below the centers of secondary pollution in the form of dark stains, stains, color auras, the hardened mud or salt deposits can be formed. These secondary pollution give in to cleaning much more difficultly.
Dust and dry dirt which gathers on an upholstery of salon, it is necessary to delete with the vacuum cleaner or a soft brush regularly. Wipe vinyl or leather surfaces with pure damp fabric. Usual pollution of an upholstery of salon can be removed by means of cleaners which full list is given below.

Care of seat belts
• You watch that belts always were pure and dry.
• For cleaning of belts use only neutral soap and warm water.
• Do not process belts the bleaching substances and dyes. It can lead to essential decrease in durability of material of belts.

Care of glasses
Regularly clear the surfaces of glasses. For this purpose use special liquid for glass cleaning including applied in a household.
This means provides removal of the settled film from tobacco smoke and a raid from some ingredients which contain in the vinyl and other plasticity applied to finishing of interior of the car.
It is forbidden to use cleaners with abrasive action as it will lead to emergence of scratches and loss of transparency of glasses. Besides, damage of elements of an electric heater of back glass is possible. Do not decorate the internal surface of back glass with translated and self-adhesive pictures as, perhaps, they should be scratched out later.

Care of a windshield
If the windshield remains insufficiently transparent after inclusion of a cleaner and a smyvatel or a brush of a cleaner vibrate during the work it means that the windshield or brushes are polluted by wax-like substances.
Carefully wipe an external surface of a windshield with cleaning powder or other similar not abrasive cleaner. The windshield can be considered pure if when rinsing glass water on it does not form drops.

Care of a paint and varnish covering of a body and external details of the car

Decorative paint and varnish covering of a body
The external covering of a body provides beautiful appearance, depth of color, luster, protection against corrosion and durability of the car.

Wash of the car
For preservation of a paint and varnish covering of a body in good shape regularly wash it with warmish or cold water. It is impossible to wash the car with hot water or under direct beams of the sun. Do not apply also to a wash of the car soap of rough grades or synthetic detergents. Any applied detergents have to be washed carefully away from a body surface by water before their drying. The Daewoo cars are designed for operation in normal conditions of the environment and can successfully resist to action of various natural factors. However it must be kept in mind that, for example, the wash of the car by means of a high-pressure stream of water can lead to hit of water in interior of the car.

Polishing and waxing of a body

Fig. 1.146. Polishing and waxing of a body

From time to time process a paint and varnish covering of a body the polishing and wax structures for removal of residual pollution and preservation of high decorative properties and durability of a covering (fig. 1.146). Means, necessary for such processing, can be got from your dealer or at the service station Daewoo.

Protection of metal details with a brilliant decorative covering
Regularly clear external metal details of dirt for preservation of their gloss. For care of such details washing by water in most cases suffices.
Care of aluminum details demands respect for extra care. For cleaning of aluminum details it is impossible to use the polishing machines chromcontaining polishing pastes, steam, the caustic soap which destroy a natural protective film. Durability of decorative coverings of metal details is provided at regular drawing on them wax protective structures. Wax structures after drawing should be pounded carefully before obtaining gloss.

Care of aluminum wheels and decorative caps
For preservation of initial appearance of aluminum wheels and caps regularly wash them for removal of deposits of the dirt and salt used for processing of roads to winter time. It is not necessary to apply to a means sink with abrasive action and brushes with rough pile as it can damage a sheeting.

Protection against corrosion
Your car is provided with reliable protection against corrosion. At production of the car special materials and sheetings which are applied on the most part of details are applied. Anticorrosive processing of a body promotes preservation of good appearance, durability and durable operation. Some details located in a motor compartment or under the bottom of a body and which are usually not visible from outside practically do not reduce the reliability because of superficial corrosion. Therefore such details do not need anticorrosive protection.

Emergency damages of a body
At the damages of a body of the car demanding replacement of details or carrying out body works (tin, welding, painting), track that at the service station the anticorrosive covering was surely applied on all the new and old repaired body details. It will restore protection against corrosion of your car.

Impact of aggressive pollution
The salt structures (calcium chloride, etc.) applied against frosting of roads, bitumen, tar, the juice emitted by leaves of trees, a bird's dung various atmospheric emissions of the industrial enterprises and other aggressive substances can damage a paint and varnish covering of a body if affect it rather long time. Even fresh pollution not always manage to be removed with water, and also cleaners can be required stronger washing. When using such means make sure that they will not damage a paint and varnish covering of the car.

Damages of a paint and varnish covering
Any chips of paint from blows of small stones, cracks and deep scratches on a paint and varnish covering have to be immediately repaired. An open unprotected steel sheet quickly korrodirut that can lead at untimely repair of minor operational defects of a paint and varnish covering to distribution of corrosion on extensive zones and to expensive recovery repair of a body. Small chips and scratches of a paint and varnish covering can be repaired by means of special structures for a renovation which you can get at service stations or the dealer has Daewoo. For repair of more serious damages of a paint and varnish covering of a body we recommend to address in a body or painting workshop.

Care of the body bottom
The salt structures applied against frosting of roads can crowd on the body bottom. If not to delete in due time these aggressive substances in the corrosion relation, the lower details of a body (the floor panel, thresholds, wheel niches, intensifying elements, etc.), and also fuel pipelines, details of system of production of the fulfilled gases of the engine will be exposed to corrosion destruction. In this case even the anticorrosive covering applied on surfaces of these details will not be able to prevent corrosion. At least, right after the end of a winter season of operation of the car wash out the bottom, wheel niches, wheels, details of a running gear a strong stream of water. Carefully clear all places where dirt can gather. Before a bottom sink previously humidify the hardened mud deposits in the closed places that it was possible then to wash away them a water stream. For cleaning of the bottom of a body you can address the dealer or on the service station Daewoo where there is a special washing equipment.