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13.1. General information

Rack steering transfer
Steering consists of a steering wheel, a steering column, steering transfer and cross steering drafts.
For simplification of turn of a steering wheel the hydraulic amplifier of steering is installed. It consists of the pump, a broad tank and oil pipelines. The pump is put in action from the engine through a belt. The pump gives oil from a tank under big pressure to the valve located in steering transfer. The valve is mechanically connected to shaft of steering and gives oil depending on turn of a steering wheel to the relevant party of the working cylinder. Oil presses on the piston of a gear lath and at the expense of it supports the movement of a steering wheel. At the same time the piston pushes out oil on the other side of the working cylinder via the returnable pipeline back in a broad tank.
If the amplifier of steering does not work, steering continues to work, however in these conditions when driving it will be required to put bigger effort for turn of a steering wheel. In that case the movement of the leading gear wheel is transmitted through its teeths which enter gearing with lath teeths therefore the lath starts moving.

Pump of the amplifier of steering
The safety valve in the valve limits pressure created by the pump.

Recommendations about consolidation replacement
The Manzhetny consolidations condensing the rotating axes demand special service. Such consolidations are used in steering transfer on a shaft gear wheel. If in this part of the car leak is found, it is necessary to replace consolidation after check and careful cleaning of the condensing surface. It is necessary to replace a shaft only in case very strong pointed corrosion is found. If corrosion in a zone of contact of manzhetny consolidations is insignificant, clear a shaft surface a fine-grained emery paper. Replace a shaft only in case leak cannot be eliminated by polishing by means of a fine-grained emery paper.

Steering wheel and steering column
The steering column has three important qualities in addition to its main function:
– high absorption of energy. Thanks to the design the steering column can contract at head-on collision that reduces a possibility of wound of the driver;
– the multipurpose switch and the switch of ignition are installed on a steering column;
– thanks to the ignition switch installed on a steering column, switching off of ignition and blocking of a steering wheel prevent stealing of the car.

For ensuring the power absorbing action of a steering column it is necessary to use only the screws, bolts and nuts specified in the specification and tightened to the required torque. At repeated assembly grease all points of friction with a thin layer of lithium lubricant.
After removal from the car of a steering column extra care is assembled necessary during the work with it. The plastic holders holding a column in a direct state can be cut off or weakened as a result of use of a stripper of the steering wheel differing from the specified in the present manual, sharp blow to the end of a steering shaft or the lever of a shaft, an emphasis on knot of a steering column or its falling.

Ignition switch
All models with the floor lever of gear shifting use system of the parking lock. This system uses the flexible cable connected to one end of the lever of gear shifting, and other end is connected to the ignition switch installed on a steering column where it puts a lock pin in action. The lock pin blocks the sliding contact of the switch of ignition when the lever of gear shifting is in situation "R", "N" or "D" and does not allow the sliding contact of the switch of ignition to pass into situation "Lock". When the lever of gear shifting is in situation "P", the pin departs from the sliding contact and allows it to pass into situation "Lock". When the lever of gear shifting is in situation "P", and the sliding contact of the switch of transfers – in situation "Lock", the lock pin blocks a fist and does not allow the lever of gear shifting to pass into other situation.
At installation on the car of the mechanical transmission the steering column with the disconnecting key is used. The switch of start of coupling is used to allow to press a coupling pedal before launch of the engine.