2.6. Instructions of the user for carrying out surveys and maintenance of the car

The recommendations about carrying out and frequency of osmotrovy (diagnostic) works and to maintenance of the car developed for the user and qualified specialists of maintenance for increase in safety, reliability and efficiency of operation of the car are given below.
By results of survey carry out all necessary repair work.
In case of accident for identification of damages attentively examine the details and knots providing safe operation of the car and correct work of system of production of the fulfilled gases and if necessary make the required repair.

Diagnostics of malfunctions in use car

Check of operation of the indicator of switching of the automatic transmission
At the choice of transfer be convinced that indications of the indicator correspond to the chosen transfer.

Check of serviceability of a sound signal
From time to time check serviceability of a sound signal. Check also position of the button of inclusion of a sound signal.

Check of serviceability of the brake system
Pay attention to unusual noise, increase in the course of a pedal of coupling and cases of withdrawal of the car aside when braking. Fire of a control lamp of the brake system can also serve as a signal of malfunction.

System of production of the fulfilled gases
Change of a sound of an exhaust or emergence of a smell of the fulfilled gas can indicate emergence of leaks or overheating of system. In these cases check and immediate repair is required.

Tires and wheels
At emergence of vibration of a steering wheel or seat in the conditions of the speed, normal for highways, balancing of wheels is required. Withdrawal of the car to the right or to the left at movement along the flat road is pointed to pressure decrease of air in tires or violation of balancing of wheels.

Steering mechanism
You monitor any changes in operation of the steering mechanism. At the complicated or too free wheeling of a steering wheel, and also emergence of extraneous noise during turn or the parking of the car it is necessary to check serviceability of the steering mechanism.

Lighting equipment
Periodically check and if necessary regulate an orientation of light bunches of headlights of the car.

Maintenance of level of special liquids
Leak of liquid can serve as a signal of malfunction of the corresponding system of the car (except for the device of a smyvatel of a windshield). In this case survey and urgent repair is required.

Check of level of engine oil in the engine lubrication system
Check the level of oil and if necessary add it. It is the best of all to check oil level while it is warm. For this purpose after switching off of the engine wait several minutes until oil flows down in the oil pallet. Take out the index of level of oil, wipe and insert it back against the stop. Then again take out the index and determine oil level in the lubrication system. If necessary add oil up to one level higher than ADD tag, but within volume with Operating Range tag (working range). Do not allow an oil modulation since it can lead to damage of sealing rings of a bent shaft of the engine. After measurement of level of oil insert the index of level back against the stop. If the level of oil is checked on the cold engine, then it is not recommended to launch before it the engine since cold oil does not manage to flow down quickly in the oil pallet, and indications of level will be incorrect.

Check of level of cooling liquid and condition of the cooling system of the car
Check the level of cooling liquid in a broad tank and if necessary add it. At detection of blockages or corrosion deposits wash out system, and replace the rusted details.

Check of level of liquid in a windscreen washer tank
Check filling with liquid of a washer reservoir of a windshield and if necessary add it.

Monthly control checks

Check of tires, wheels and pressure of air in tires
Visually check tires for existence of the accelerated or uneven wear and damages. Check also a condition of wheels. Pressure of air should be checked on cold tires (including spare). It has to correspond to the values specified in the plate of Tire Pressure Specifications (standard values of pressure of air in tires) on the driver's door.
Work check
lighting equipment and light alarm system
It is regularly necessary to check serviceability of illumination of registration plates of the car, dimensional lamps, headlights of head light, including high beam headlamps, parking lamps, fog lights, back lamps, a signal of braking, indexes of turn, light of a backing and the alarm light system.
Check of tightness of liquid systems
It is periodically necessary to examine the parking platform of the car after each long parking. At detection on the platform of spots of oil, gasoline and other liquids it is necessary to establish and to immediately remove the leak cause. Existence of drops of water from the air conditioning system after its operation is considered normal and is not the testimony of malfunction.

Systems and mechanisms of the car which are subject to survey at least 2 times a year

Check of level of oil in system of the amplifier of steering
It is regularly necessary to check and support the constant level of oil in the amplifier of steering according to the recommendations provided in the section "Steering".

Check of level of brake fluid in a filling tank of the main brake cylinder
It is necessary to check and support regularly required liquid level in a filling tank according to recommendations of the section "Brake system". Lowering of the level of brake fluid can testify to wear of blocks of disk brakes that demands carrying out the corresponding works. Check an air vent in a cover of a filling tank to be convinced of lack of a contamination and easy access of air.

Care of sealants
Pure fabric apply a thin film of silicone jellied lubricant on a sealant.

The scheduled works which are carried out when replacing engine oil

Check of level of transmission liquid in the automatic transmission
It is necessary to support the level of transmission liquid within the working range noted on the oil level indicator.

Mechanical transmission
Check the level of oil and if necessary add it.

Check of the brake system
At shift of wheels it is recommended to perform the following works: check fastening and connection of pipelines and hoses of the brake system, look whether there are no leaks, cracks, wear tracks from friction and other defects. Check wear of brake shoes of disk brakes and a condition of a surface of brake disks. Visually check overlays of brake shoes of drum brakes to reveal degree of wear and emergence of cracks. Check other details of the brake system, including brake drums, working brake cylinders, operation of the parking brake, etc. Check also adjustment of the parking brake system. At frequent braking or extreme service conditions we recommend to check a condition of brakes much more often.

Check of protective covers of the steering mechanism and suspension bracket
Check a condition of forward and back suspension brackets and the steering mechanism for existence of damages, weakening of fastening of the corresponding details, and also define, whether all details on the place and whether there are no wear tracks or signs of the increased friction because of a lack of lubricant.
Examine tubes and hoses of hydraulic system of the amplifier of steering, check reliability of their connections and fastenings, and also lack of cracks, wear as a result of friction etc. Check consolidations of covers of the steering mechanism for existence of damages, gaps or a leak and if necessary replace them.

Check of system of production of the fulfilled gases
It is recommended to check all system of production of the fulfilled gases, including catalytic converter. Examine a body in the places located in close proximity to elements of system of production of the fulfilled gases. Check whether is not present broken, the damaged or displaced details, whether and also all details on the place. Also check tightness of seams, a condition of openings, density of connections and other parameters and working conditions which can lead to temperature increase in a collector or to penetration of exhaust gases into a luggage carrier or interior of the car.

Check of a cable of an accelerator
Be convinced of lack of excesses and damages of a cable of an accelerator. Grease with the corresponding jellied lubricant all connections of the mechanism of management and a cable of an accelerator, the intermediate bearing of an axis of a butterfly valve, a returnable spring of the gate and a surface of a pedal of an accelerator. Check smoothness of movement of a cable of an accelerator.

Driving belts
Carefully examine all driving belts to reveal possible cracks, a mastication, degree of wear and their tension. If necessary adjust a tension of belts or replace them.

Check of serviceability of a latch of a cowl
When opening a cowl pay attention to work of a latch. After unlocking of the lock of a cowl the latch has to hold a cowl cover in a closed position. Be convinced also that the cowl is closed rather densely.

Systems and knots of the car which are subject to check at least 1 time a year

Check of seat belts
Check seat belts, including brackets, couplers, latch uvulas, a natyazhitel, loops and anchors.

Check of a head restraint
If the car is equipped with mobile head restraints, then it is necessary to watch that they remained in required position.

Rules of storage of a spare wheel and jack
You monitor any emergence of jingle or knock in a back part of the car. Check whether tools, a jack and a spare wheel are correctly put. Regularly, after each use it is necessary to grease the screw mechanism of a jack.

Service of the lock of ignition
It is necessary to grease the ignition lock cylinder periodically.

Lubricant at service of a body
It is necessary to grease all door loops, including loops of a cover of a cowl, a cover of the fuel tank, back doors of salon, and also a latch, a loop of a cover of a ware box and mechanisms of movement of seats.

Precautionary measures when checking the switch blocking switching off of a starter by the included transfer
Before to begin check of operation of the switch blocking inclusion of a starter by the included transfer, be convinced that around the car of rather free space then sharply press usual brakes and at the same time tighten the lever of the parking brake. Do not press at the same time an accelerator pedal. If the motor is launched, be ready to switch off ignition immediately. These precautionary measures are necessary in view of the fact that the car can unexpectedly start that is accompanied by risk of accident or damage of surrounding objects and the car. If the car is equipped with the automatic transmission, then try to launch the engine on each transfer. The starter has to make a characteristic sound only in situation P (parking) or N (neutral situation).

Before to begin check of serviceability of the parking brake and mechanism of the parking of the automatic transmission, it is necessary to park the car on rather steep slope in the direction of the movement downhill, having convinced at the same time that there is enough place for maneuver. If the car starts, be ready to press immediately a brake pedal to reduce probability of accident or damage of the car and surrounding objects.

Check of the parking brake system and mechanism of the parking of the automatic transmission
To check operation of the parking brake at the switched-on engine and the transfer established in neutral situation smoothly release a brake pedal, be not convinced yet that the car is kept in motionless situation only by the parking brake. Switch the selector lever to position of PARK at the released brakes to check serviceability of the mechanism of the parking of the automatic transmission.

Cleaning of the lower part of a body
At least once a year, in the spring, it is recommended to wash away simple water the protective materials used for prevention of education naledy and congestions of snow, and also interfering a zapyleniye. Carefully wash out sites where dirt or garbage can accumulate. The dirt deposits formed in places, remote for washing, before washing off need to be softened or shattered.

 Engine cooling system

Visually check the engine cooling system. If it got littered or at cooling liquid there is a rust, it is necessary to merge cooling liquid, to wash out system and to fill with new liquid. It is necessary to watch that cooling liquid had the required density for ensuring protection against freezing, corrosion and maintenance of optimum working temperature of the engine.
Check a condition of hoses and at detection of cracks, deformation or other defects replace them. Tighten collars of fastening of hoses. Wash out a radiator from the outer side and the condenser of the air conditioning system. Wash out a mouth and a stopper of a broad tank. For ensuring uninterrupted operation test for tightness is recommended to carry out both cooling systems, and traffic jams of a broad tank.

The recommended liquids and lubricants
Tekhnikhesky data

Moments of an inhaling of standard threaded connections
The sizes of the moments of an inhaling specified in the table are used when exact value of the moment of an inhaling is not specified.
(Moments of an inhaling of standard threaded connections, kgf • m (N • м))

Fig. 2.6. Marking of durability of bolts and nuts: the numbers specified on bolts correspond to a marking class of a bolt in metric system. Durability – the is more than a figure, specified on a bolt head, the higher it durability; and – marking of durability of a nut