2.1. Safety measures when performing maintenance

One of the most important conditions of safe and reliable operation of the car is timely and high-quality performance of maintenance of its mechanisms and units. The maintenance manuals which are contained in the present manual represent effective methods of care of the car and its repair.
For performance of a number of operations special tools which need to be used strictly for designated purpose according to maintenance instructions are required.
We strongly recommend to study the safety regulations provided in this manual and to strictly follow them for prevention of accidents, damage of the car and decrease in safety of its operation.
For the prevention of short circuit it is necessary to disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery. At repeated connection of a wire reprogram the electronic equipment of system of electric equipment of the car: electronic clock, management of window regulators, and also built-in radio receiver.
Requirements of safe maintenance of the car are not limited to it, however, the firm manufacturer cannot provide all possible ways of performance of operations of maintenance and define their compliance to requirements of safety measures. Therefore to use the tool or to perform the works which are not regulated by the present manual it is possible only having convinced of their full safety for itself and the car.
The complex of operations of maintenance which is contained in the management is calculated, mainly, for cars with left-side management. Generally similar operations (but carried out in mirror display) are applied to cars with right-hand management since functions of systems of cars with left-side and right-hand management are identical. If there are essential distinctions, the corresponding data are provided in the management.
After the description of all operations of maintenance the list of the special tools necessary at performance of the main complex of operations is given.