2.2. General requirements to carrying out car repairs

When using a floor jack it is necessary to take the following precautionary measures:
– install the car on a plain horizontal surface;
– block a forward or back wheel, substitute a jack under a frame, raise the car and establish basic supports;
– before starting performance of any operations, disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery for prevention of short circuit which can lead to ignition and damage of a wire;
– for protection of the case, chairs and a floor of interior of the car from damages and pollution cover them with covers;
– in order to avoid damage of the painted surfaces of the car you watch that on them brake fluid or antifreeze did not get. For ensuring effective and reliable work of knots and mechanisms of the car when performing operations of maintenance use the tools recommended for these operations and the equipment;
– for replacement of the worn-out or damaged details use details of Daewoo. Forelocks, laying, sealing rings, oil consolidations, lock washers and самоконтрящиеся the nuts removed from the car when dismantling are subject to replacement since at their reuse trouble-free operation of mechanisms is not guaranteed;
– for ensuring speed and correctness of assembly of knots and units after performance of operations of maintenance put the details removed from the car groups;
– when dismantling coupling bolts and nuts should be put separately from each other since depending on the place of their installation on the car they can differ on a design and degree of hardness. Before survey or assembly of a detail it is necessary to clear of dirt and dust;
– to be convinced of lack of a contamination of channels of the lubrication system, they need to be blown compressed air;
– before installation on the car grease the rotating and sliding surfaces of details with jellied lubricant or oil. If necessary for ensuring tightness of laying use sealant. Strictly observe the set moments of an inhaling of bolts and nuts;
– after completion of works it is necessary to perform control inspection to be convinced of correctness of performance of maintenance and elimination of malfunctions.