15.3. Block of the V5 compressor of the air conditioning system

General description

Fig. 15.7. V5 compressor

Fig. 15.8. Starting position of a forward part of the V5 compressor: 1 – deepening for the directing pin on a forward part; 2 – basis; – the maximum angle of rotation at installation, 45 °

On cars with the V5 compressor (fig. 15.7, 15.8) installation of such knots as fixing brackets, systems of drives, pulleys, sockets and other elements of system, can be various. The main methods of carrying out repair of compressors on various types of cars remain identical.
When carrying out maintenance do not allow pollution and hit of foreign objects on or in parts of the compressor. It is very important for the correct carrying out repair and maintenance that tools and a workplace were kept clean. Before any kind of repair or before removal of the compressor it is necessary to wipe sockets of the compressor and its external surface. All elements of the compressor have to be kept clean, and those details which are subject to replacement need to be wiped with trichloroethane, gasoline, kerosene or similar solvent, and then to dry dry compressed air. For rubbing use only material without pile.
The operations of capital repairs given further are carried out at the stand with removal of the compressor from the car, except for some cases. At removal of the compressor from the car for maintenance it is necessary to pump out, measure and register the oil which remained in the compressor. It should be replaced with fresh oil for cooling with coefficient of viscosity 525.

To provide full pumping of oil from the compressor, it is necessary to turn out a stopper of discharge of oil and to pump out oil through the opened opening. In cars with the V5 compressor one of two types of back branch pipes is used. On one of them there are no oil pressure sensors. Other look – from the same series, as the previous models, except for some of them where the switch of low pressure was replaced with the radiator fan switch. The switch of low pressure on these models is also located on the line of cooling.