9.1. General information

The automatic DW-20 transmission (AW 850) is run by the electronic block with the blocking mechanism which was developed for the Daewoo ESPERO car.

Fig. 9.1. Interrelation of components of the transmission: 1 – back koronchaty wheel of planetary transfer; 2 – back satellite of planetary transfer; 3 – forward satellite of planetary transfer; 4 – drove planetary transfer; 5 – leading drive of the counter; 6 – entrance shaft; 7 – solar cogwheel; 8 – leading gear wheel of the main transfer; 9 – drove the lowering main transfer; 10 – the satellite of the lowering main transfer; 11 – the conducted gear wheel of the main transfer; 12 – the conducted counter drive gear wheel; 13 – a solar wheel of the lowering transfer; 14 – forward gear wreath of planetary transfer

The automatic transmission consists of the hydrotransformer with the coupling of blocking, 4-staged planetary transfer, the hydraulic and electronic control system (fig. 9.1).
The automatic transmission performs the following functions.
• The block of protection against mistakes controls work of couplings and brakes, based on the characteristic of a deviation from the set mode for each control mode by the car (profitability, power, winter).
• During gear shifting the torque of the engine and hydraulic pressure in the transmission is regulated by the electronic block to reduce shock influence at a deviation from the set transmission mode.