5.1. General information

When carrying out any works on service of fuel system always disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery unless check of system requires electric food.
If the fuel system is equipped with fuel injection, every time at service of elements of system pit pressure in fuel pipelines.
Do not start repair of fuel system, without having studied the this manual and drawings connected with the corresponding knots of system.
Always you hold the dry chemical fire extinguisher (class B) near a workplace.
At connection or separation of connecting couplings always use the second wrench for deduction of other half of connection.
Moment of tightening of connecting couplings of 30 N • m.
On cars with system of injection of fuel only special pipelines are used.
At connection of elements of pipelines it is necessary to use sealing rings. When replacing pipelines and connecting details always use pipelines of the same type, as well as earlier established on the car.
Do not replace sites of pipelines with flexible hoses.