3.1. General information

The engine of the car consists of a set of details with the surfaces processed on the machine, chromeplated and ground in to each other, with admissions to the 100-th shares of millimeter.
At service of details of the engine it is very important to observe purity and accuracy. For protection and lubricant of surfaces at the initial moment of operation of the engine it is necessary to grease plentifully at assembly of the engine all surfaces of sliding with a layer of engine oil. When reading this section has to become clear that respect for purity and protection of all details and the surfaces of sliding processed on the machine is an obligatory component of all operations on repair of the engine. It is considered the normal principle of work even if it is obviously not told about it in some section or subsection of this description.
At removal of details of the gas-distributing mechanism they need to be kept in a certain order. At assembly they have to be established precisely on the same place and with the same orientation of surfaces, as before dismantling.
Before performing any works on the engine, it is necessary to disconnect wires from plugs of the rechargeable battery. Non-compliance with this rule can lead to damage of wires, their fastening and other details of electric equipment, and also to a trauma.

 Maintenance of the engine
It is necessary to study attentively the data given below on service of the engine as they are very important for prevention of damage of the engine and ensuring its reliable work. If for any reasons it is necessary to raise or install the engine on a support, do not establish a jack under the engine case pallet. Because of a small gap between a bottom of the pallet and the reception filter of the oil pump it can lead to a bottom deflection in the location of the filter and to damage of knot of supply of oil.
During the work with the engine you remember that in system of power supply of the engine there can be a short circuit. At work which can lead to short circuit of electric plugs on the car case disconnect the drive from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery. Every time at removal of the device of injection of fuel or the air filter an opening of an inlet collector needs to be closed. It will protect from casual hit in a collector of foreign materials which can then get to cylinders and cause considerable damages at launch of the engine. The service equipment, such as, for example, the pump of the amplifier of the drive of steering or the compressor of the air conditioner will practically not be mentioned in this section in instructions for assembly/dismantling of knots. At emergence of need of removal of such equipment for carrying out service the required information can be found in appropriate sections of the present manual.